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New Irrigation system being implemented at the Storm FC Training Facility

By Antony Penna, 02/01/18, 1:00PM CST


New Facility Irrigation System

Storm FCs Waxahachie training facility now has over 200 families attending twice a week, plus programs, skills sessions and a new development league starting soon.

Our watering system has done a tremendous job over the past 5 years but at this point it isnt able to get enough water distributed consistantly enough, and at a regular frequency.

When our fields were initially built the money rasied was put towards the field creation, dirt moving and grass, we didn't have enough capitol raised to cover the irrigation systeam as well, so we used an overground "water wheel" that worked well.

This year we have had a dry winter and we are starting to lose our summer grass through a lack of consistant water. It will be a more cost effective measure to install an irrigation system rather than to replace the grass!!

The fundrasier we will be performing is called a "500 Club".

What is a 500 Club?
A 500 club is where there are 500 tickets/shares only, once all 500 shares/tickets are sold no one else can purchase. This leaves 1 share being a 1 in 500 chance.

The cost of a "share" is $5 per month but you commit to 12 months so it would be a $60 purchase for the 12 months, you are able to purchase as many shares as are available.

Each month we will have a drawing for 5 prizes, the drawing will include the same 500 shares each month for 12 months.

The monthly prizes are as follows

1st - $200 value Prize - GoPro Session
2nd  - $150 Value Prize - Acer Tablet
3rd - $100 Value Prize - Garmin GPS Watch
4th - $50 Value Prize - Drone
5th - $30 Value Prize - Mophie Powerstation

There is a chance for a person to win upto $3000 worth of prizes over the year!!

Storm FC is a registered 501 c3 non profit IRS registered organization. The prizes can be changed with discretion of club and availability but will be substituted with similar price and category of prize.

To purchase a share please follow the link below

First drawing March 30th 2018 and then 11 consecutive months after.