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Meet our Coach...Julio Loera

By Antony Penna, 04/01/22, 8:45PM CDT


Learning more about Coach Julio

Getting to know Coach Julio

Coach Julio is a fantastic coach, who was originally from Austin before moving north.

He coaches the 07B Elite Academy, 07B Super Y League and 07B Classic League teams.

Julio joined us 7 years ago, and we have been fortunate to have such a great coach ever since.

Coach Julio was apart of the coaching group that the club took to complete the La Liga licensing program and since that day became a head elite boys coach.

We sat down with Julio to learn more about our 07 boys elite team coach.

SFC: What licenses or diplomas do you have?

JL: I was lucky enough to be invited by the club to the Spanish LaLiga course in Tulsa when I first joined the club. That course changed the way i thought about the game an d how I saw the game.
The club also offered me to take the Getafe CF diploma in 2020. It was a crazy time with the instructor having to take an emergency flight to get back to Madrid before the coronavirus pandemic shut the airports!

SFC: So where did you start your coaching journey?

JL: I first started coaching my kids in the Ennis Soccer Association. I have also coached at the Red Oak SA and of course with Storm FC and their previous elite team arm, City FC.

SFC: So as a small boy was soccer a major part of your childhood?

JL: It was! I ended up playing for my High school and then College.  I was basically the Left midfielder or left back, I sometimes played defensive center midfield as well.
During one of my HS games we played a rival HS team and i put five past them. For those that get high school soccer and rivalries, i was the hero for weeks!

SFC: So what made you want to coach for Storm FC?

JL: LOL! Coach Antony convinced me i would be a great coach at Storm FC over a Starbucks. He loves to have a Starbucks tea!

SFC: Is there any person that you feel has shaped or influences how you coach or your coaching style?

JL: I absolutely love to watch and learn from Pep Guardiola's teams. His philosophy of the game is unreal, and he has managed success in three of the toughest leagues in Europe.
I support a lot of teams, but prefer to watch Peps teams play.

SFC: What do you think is your biggest achievement to date in coaching?

JL: Certainly having players and parents believe in my abilities and to trust in me with their players development.

SFC: OK so to finish up today, some quick fire questions:
who would play you in a movie?

JL: Umm can't remember the actors name but the character of Eric Taylor in ''Friday Night Lights''.

SFC: Favorite Food?

JL: Easy....Tacos!

SFC: Favorite movie?

JL: Sandlot

SFC: Sports quote that you refer to

JL:  ''Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose''

SFC: Julio it has been a pleasure to spend some time with you. We wish you all the best in upcoming games and events.

Coach Julio coaches our 2007 and 2008 Boys teams. If you are interested in joining Coach Julio's team. Please visit and the team or tryout page.

Call or text 254.220.3284