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Return To Play Procedure and Policy (RTP) C19

By Antony Penna, 05/04/20, 4:30PM CDT


Storm FC and City FC - RTP Guidelines for a safe return

RTP - A Return To Play policy on resuming on field activities from May 18th, in line with Statewide Minimum Standard Health Protocols, US Club Soccer and local facilities, concerning the COVID 19 social distancing measures.

As State Governments are beginning to look at re-opening, Storm FC continues to look to the future in the hopes of getting back to the soccer field as soon as it is safe to do so.  As many of you know, the Federal Government in coordination with Centers for Disease Control and Preventative (CDC) has released new guidelines for states to follow with respect to the timing of their re-opening. 

Texas Governor Abbott has initiated phase one of Reopen Texas as of May 1st. Recreational and team sports are noted as a Phase 2 event.


We hope that by being responsible, safe and organized with our approach to RTP we can minimize the possibility of any infections.

Further, to the federal and state guidelines, US Club Soccer still has a no formal soccer activity order until May 18th.

By following the guidelines set out and assuming everything remains as planned during Phase 1, Phase 2 would commence on May 18.  As such,  Storm FC and City FC are targeting May 18 as our Return to Play date for formal club activities.  Please keep in mind this date could change but this date is our target at this juncture. 

End of Phase 1 leading to Phase 2 protocols.

Storm FC will continue with its Online Player Portal (OPP) and the “Training at Home” platform during this period, including individual weekly 3 session training programs, Goto meeting or Zoom team meetings, online Facebook live daily trainings, social media challenges, Facebook Live Soccer Fitness sessions, Club weekly skills challenge and Webinars.

Our online individual player training portal  will continue through June 30 for players that are unable to return to physical practice and will be expected to maintain the weekly program in its entirety.

The following is a schedule of Storm FC activities, extended to June 30th (subject to change):
Activities Schedule (Week of / Weekends):

  • Week of May 4th:  Week 8 club skills challenge, Week 6 of individual online player portal training. Daily (7 Days) Facebook live trainings.
  • May 7th 2pm There will be an online live and on-demand webinar for parents and coaches to discuss how and what practices will look like with social distancing in place, We will also be able to answer questions you may have on the RTP protocol.
  • Week of May 11: Week 9 club skills challenge, Week 7 of Individual online player portal training. Daily (7 Days) Facebook live trainings.
  • Week of May 18: “On Field” practice begins with restrictions. SEE BELOW FOR RESTRICTIONS. TRYOUTS begin for ELITE LEAGUES (US Club Soccer - dependent).
  • Week of May 25: Open Practice (USYSA) Guidelines  ALL AGES
  • Month of June: Update of restrictions for practice.
  • June 13/14: Provisional 5v5 tournament in Cedar Hill with social distancing protocols.
  • June 20/21: Provisional FT Worth YSA mini tournament based on friendlies for fluid rosters.


We thank all of our players and parents for their steadfastness and participation in this difficult time. The level of engagement in the Online Player Training Portal and at Home training program, comprising technical and physical components, Team and Player/Coach meetings, social media live training and Club Weekly skills challenges, has been fantastic. We are looking forward to carrying this spirit onto the fields when we all return on May 18th.

Policies on the assumption of a RTP on May 18th.

Players and Families

  • It is the parents responsibility to make sure their player is healthy and not  showing any symptoms associated with C19, please check the CDC guidelines for clarification.
  • Parents will be required to attest that their child has not tested positive for C19 or been around anyone who has tested positive for C19.
  • Furthermore, all players will be required to also attest they do not have symptoms relating to those of C19 and they have not been around anyone that has symptoms relating to those of C19.
  • Players, parents, coaches and other people at the fields WILL BE REQUIRED to abide by the Social Distancing guidelines.
  • Practice time length will depend upon the allowed number of people per area per space. Recommendations will be to have 1 hour length practices to accommodate teams within a 5-9pm timeframe.
  • Coaches wishing to coach during the day will have to be permitted by the club to do so in Waxahachie, please feel free to call the office for our other practice facilities.
  • Absolutely no more than one person in the toilets at a time, which applies to the entire building, not just the restrooms.
  • Anyone onsite at the practice facility must wash hands and apply hand sanitizer.
  • All parents/siblings will need to remainin their vehile during practice times when RTP begins 18th.
  • All food and gum products are not allowed at the facility until further notice.


Practice and Practice equipment

  • Players must bring their own ball - NO EXCEPTIONS - No ball no practice. players must not touch or swap with anyone else's ball.
  • Practice will resume with strict social distancing in force, coaches may ONLY do skills training or shadow play, while always maintaining the safe distance required by the CDC.
  • We are asking coaches to not utilize bibs. In the case bibs are needed, the bibs will be worn, washed and brought to practice by the player. No bibs to be switched around or given to other players.
  • Players are not permitted to touch equipment, including cones. Coaches will manage all equipment during practice. Coaches will not be doing equipment based SAQ where players follow other players through the same equipment.
  • On arrival players will have a designated area to put their water and bags.  PLAYERS must only go to their designated area for water breaks and stay inside their allotted space. Players must maintain their distance at all times.
  • Please have your player bring enough water for the duration of the practice.
  • Absolutely NO SHARING of any water/drinks is allowed.
  • When practice has finished, ;players will pick up only their belongings and maintain the required social distancing until they are in their vehicle.
  • Areas marked out by cones or equipment will be sanitized after each session.


This formulated RTP is a proactive approach for our staff to be planned and ready for when the governing bodies assume a return to play. As you are aware this pandemic has led to many governing bodies to be as fluid as possible with guidance and recommendations. We too approach this RTP as a fluid situation that will be updated on a weekly basis to better adapt to the available information and guidance at that time.

By being responsible with our return date and RTP protocols we hope to help in the continuation of the phases to reopen Texas begin to adapt to these new life standards.

StormFC and City FC supports all of our families and understand the decision to return to the field is when you are comfortable returning and look forward to seeing our families and players when you are ready!   

We greatly appreciate all of our players, families, coaches and administrators and look forward to a positive future.