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Home Individual Training and Learning

By Antony Penna, 03/27/20, 3:45PM CDT


***New Online Home Training App***

Since being in our new environment, lots of videos have been popping up on social media. The videos or posts have all been the same with players juggling, or coaches creating videos based on street soccer freestyling with a ball.

Storm FC feels we need to be more unique with some of our videos. We want our players to learn from our sustainable values that we promote, and teh player centered approach.

Values: Communication Skills | Team building Skills | Character Development | Social Growth | Leadership Skills | Risk Aversion

All the programs and training ideas we had also incorporated the pillars of success.

Pillars of Success: Technical | Tactical | Physical | Social | Mental

Developing our ideas for our key publics|stakeholders in mind:

Parents - Players - Coaches - Teams - Club

The exciting news is that we have a new training at home for individuals that we have partnered with. This online application will be live on Sunday 29th March, with a educational webinar on how to use it released over the weekend.

The application is a proven success model as it is being utilized by professional and academy players at a professional club in the UK.

Below are creative and social events or programs designed to be held from your home.

  1. Our online individual home training app. - Each player will have a login & given exercises to complete for the week. There are additional learning areas for self training and a forum for accountability, questions and topics - Very exciting! Webinar will be posted March 28/29
  2. Open Letter to Coach - Write an open letter to your coach. Let them know more about you, what you would like to learn more about, what could coach do to help you more, why you love soccer and what they have done to inspire you.
  3. Coaches or Players Training Sessions -
    Players and coaches, video record some sessions for the club players to do. Examples: 1) Record a fitness session as the instructor 2) Record a technical ball session as the instructor 3) Record a #CanYouDoThis Skill move for players to attempt.
  4. Recreate a Famous goal - Recreate a famous or special goal in your back yard. Record it, be unique. Explain in commentary why you chose the goal, When, where & with who the goal happened. Be creative with your video editing. Examples, Carly Lloyd 1/2 field goal, Bergkamp v Newcastle, Gazza v Scotland Euro 96.
  5. Photo Competition @ Home - Who can get the most creative photo in and around their house? you can use your camera phone or if you have a regular camera, you can use photo editing software for color and effects. Send in to us and we will post for people to vote on. Winner will get $100 of spiritwear items.
  6.   Short Camera Phone Movie - Make a short camera phone movie! make it on your own or with your teammates, parents, siblings or coaches! Be creative. If you need help with online editing software we can direct you to some. Send in your short movie for voting. Winning team entries will get a FREE tournament entry, winning individual will get $100 in Spiritwear gear.
  7. Your Soccer Story - Find a comfy chair, set up your camera phone or camcorder and give us your funniest soccer story or any story! Remember to tell your story in detail to give us the viewer laugh the most.
  8. Mental Health Competition - Create a Story from words and phrases listed, and create a photo|s or short movie with your camera phone. The best entry voted for by our Kicking Strong team will have their story published as our clubs MH campaign. Show positivity with these phrases, You are enough, You are important, You do matter, you aren't alone, #weAreInThisTogether Its OK to not be OK, #AskHowRU2day.
  9. Write a blog post- Write about anything soccer related, for example, your favorite player why|how you began to like them, a sporting experience, your story of how you started playing, coaches you’ve had and what the best, worse and funniest moments have been. We will collate them all and put include in this quarters club magazine.
  10. Quiz Night Online - Design a creative quiz and record or host it on Facebook or FaceTime? You can host for players, or teams of households, why not challenge other teams!
  11. Draw, Paint or create your best sporting art piece. Create a stunning unique photograph, montage or video. Send it in and we will post online for votes. Winner gets $100 in Spiritwear gear

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