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Class of 2012 - Jonathan Baggett

Alumnus 1

Name:  Jonathan Baggett

Team: '92 Boys Penna

Grad Year: Passed away 2010

Position: Defender


Jonathan was instrumental on the Storm FC 92 Boys team. Unfortunatly Jonathan passed away from Leukemia in 2010. In his honor the club has created a community division for volunteer opportunities to our teams families. The JB6 award was born at our Banquet of Champions club recognition night.

Class of 2012 - The Woods

Alumnus 2

Name: Mark & Debra Wood

Inducted: 2012

Position: Board Members & Team Manager of '95 Boys Penna

Accomplishments: Helped shape the modern dircetion of the club from small start up to its present direction

Class of 2012 - Jesus Vasquez

Alumnus 3

Name: Jesus Vasquez

Team: Storm FC '90 Boys

Position: Forward/Winger

Accomplishments: Moved onto college coaching as a career

Class of 2012 - Jesus Morales Sr.

Alumnus 4

Name: Jesus Morales Sr.

Team: '01 Boys & '94 Boys

Position: Head Coach

Accomplishments: Won promotion to Classic D3 and onto D2

Class of 2013 - Ashley Fluty

Ashley Fluty

Name: Ashley Fluty

Teams: '93 Boys & '92 Boys

Position: Midfield & Foward

Accomplishments: Played on boys teams throughout her career with Storm FC.


Ashley Fluty was one of our first girls to play on a boys team ('93 Boys) and later became an influential part of the '92 Boys team. Ashley went on to play for Longhorns with Randy Waldrums son as the coach. Ashley now plays college level soccer.

Ashley has known Antony for many years prior to the start of Storm FC by attending summer camps in Trophy club every year since 2001.

Class of 2013 - Mike French

Mike french

Name: Mike French

Teams: '92 Boys

Position:  Assistant Coach; Board Member;

Accomplishments: Helped start the club from 2002


Mike French Inducted to the Storm Hall of fame as The Class of '13.

Mike was influentual in the conception of a competitive soccer program in Ennis Texas. Antony and Mike first met in 2002 during a summer camp in Ennis. Antony and Mike became good friends and started the process of starting a competitive program toi start in the summer of 2004. Antony and Mike had the first Tryouts for Kernow Storm FC at the Ennis High School in 2004, The first teams were a '88, '90 and '93 boys teams which also had Mikes swon Matthew on it.

Mike served with the club until 2008 at which time the club moved to Waxahachie. Mike was a very important part of the development of the club.

Class of 2014 - The Thoms

Alumnus 4

Name: Frank & Rowena Thom

Teams: '90 Boys & '92 Boys

Position: Board Members & Team managers



Frank & Rowena Thom were also instrumental in shaping the direction of teh club and headed up the Hurst/Trophy Club division.

Class of 2014 - Esequiel Gonzales

Esequiel Gonzales

Name: Esequiel Gonzales

Team: '95 Boys Penna

Position: Midfield Captain


Class of 2015 - Sammy Masso

Name: Sammy Masso

Teams: '95 Boys Gold; '95 Boys Penna; '93 Boys

Position: Assistant Coach; Board Member


Class of 2015 - David Millward

Name: David Millward

Teams: '94 Boys; '92 Boys

Position: Midfield

Accomplishments: Player on Inaugral '92 Boys team

Class of 2016 - Hector Ponce

Hector Ponce

Name: Hector Ponce

Teams: '94 Boys; '95 Boys West; '95 Boys Penna

Position: Midfield

Accomplishments: Coach of the Year 2017

Class of 2016 - Kenai Walker

Kenai Walkers Family

Name: Kenai Walker

Teams: '95 Boys Penna

Position: Midfield

Accomplishments: Graduated School at 16

Class of 2017 - Shay Pate

Alumnus 4

Name: Shay Pate

Teams: '94 Boys Captain

Position: Foward

Accomplishments: Partnered with his mom to start a Foster care business

Class of 2017 - Katie Lane

Katie Lane

Name: Katie  Lane

Teams: '93 Boys;

Position: Midfield


Class of 2018

Name: Steve Rosko

Teams: Board

Position: Finance Director

Accomplishments: Created systems in place for the club to better sercve our families an the growth of our Soccer CLub

Class of 2018

Name: Katie Rosko

Teams: 94G Penna

Position: Defender

Accomplishments: Member of one of our first girls teams, Captain for the team. Over come two ACL injuries to go into other sporting achivements post Storm FC Career

Class of 2019

Name: Susan Strand

Teams: Board

Position: Club Manager

Accomplishments: Since taking over as the Club Manager, has successfully integrated new systems, policies and guidleines to movet the club forward. Has managed and executed our annual banquet ceremony.

Storm FC tournament staff member, registration adn scorer.

Class of 2019

Name: Jennifer Azua

Teams: Board & Team manager of 99B Penna

Position: Club Registrar, Elitre team registrar for City FC

Accomplishments: Board member, and is continues to be. Jennifer has made our regsitration process for players and the different leagues we play in organized and efficient

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Storm Futbol Club and support youth in your area.