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FUNdaMINIs Program from 18 Months to 5 Yr olds

By Antony Penna, 08/28/17, 2:15PM CDT


FUNdaMINIs Registration

Storm FC FundaMINIs Program will begin September the 8th 2017.

FUNdaMINIs is the perfect introduction to soccer for our youngest players with the focus on early soccer development.  At this young age players, should be learning about and understanding the scope of abilities that their own bodies can achieve.  FUNdaMINIs are learning to balance on their feet and use their lower bodies effectively. While they are able to kick, many use their hands as the primary body part to manipulate objects. We encourage them to use their lower bodies more effectively in order to improve balance, overall coordination, and kicking abilities so that as they grow they develop the tools necessary to begin playing soccer.  In addition to overall coordination and body awareness participants are taught the basics of soccer in a imaginative way that allows the child to develop a love of the game through age appropriate play. 
The FUNdaMINIs program has an 8 week curriculum that progresses on a story for the 8 weeks. The program is once a week and has a duration of 1 hour.

FUNdaMINIs program is offered throughout the year in 8 week intervals.

Equipment needed: 
Shin-guards with socks covering them, tennis shoes,  soccer ball, and a water bottle.

Equipment needed: 
To register please Email the following information. We have changed our website hosting so our platform for registration is not ready yet, we apologize.

Players Name:
Players Date of Birth:
Players Tee Size:
Parents Name:
Parents Contact Email:
Parents Contact Cell:
Emergency Contact:

We will confirm your registration on recieving your email. Payments can be made over the phone or mailed check prior to Program.

8 week program with Tee cost: $99 if registered by 5 September, $119 after that date.

Sessions broken down by age group
5-6pm: 18mo-3years

6:15-7:15pm: 4-6 Year olds

Checks Mailed to:
2693 North Hwy 77
Building 1, Suite 202